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Delilah - Lucy's Journey - Part 2

My, My, My.
I am obsessed. I now understand the hype... I mean, I got it. Don't get me wrong. I definitely got it. But now, I wait with breath that is baited for the new templates to be cut.

So, yes. Obsessing!

With the arrival of month 3 came a sigh of relief.
Why?! Straight lines! Not a curve in sight. And, I really love this block.

I loved picking fabrics for it and created 2 very different looking blocks off the one template set.

This, to me, is the beauty of patchwork. I know Jen sees it too which is why she has a soft spot for the good old Churn Dash block. You change your colour values slightly, and BAM. It's almost a completely different block!

I don't know if anybody else has starting planning other projects using their templates but Shooting Star is the one so far that screams I SHOULD BE A WHOLE QUILT! And, with the magic of technology.... here's a sneak peak of what that could look like!!

Wouldn't that be a very sharp looking quilt?!
Now... I …
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We advertised this one recently and we fear we left out some very important information... Normally, when a big wig like Denyse Schmidt comes, class sizes are quite large to cover the costs of bringing such a superstar in to teach! 
Well... not this time! We have decided that to truly bask in the glory of Denyse and everything she offers as a quilt designer, fabric designer and just all around creative genius .. then you need time to really soak it up, ask questions and get inspired!

This is why these classes are capped at 10 - in a class room that comfortably sits 20
You will be able to spread out and truly create, sharing plenty of time with Denyse to brain storm your project and where it's heading.
Our workshops with Denyse will be held in our stunning new location in the aways inspiring beach side town of Torquay.

Our cafe will also be up and running so you can be sure to enjoy a good coffee and beautiful cake.

Sounds super tempting hey! Well, the good news is... we have limited…

FOCUS ON: Baker's Dozen - By Jen Kingwell

Lot's of our customer's have been waiting for this one, and we are very happy to say that Baker's Dozen is finally a pattern for purchase.

You may have seen this project in Today's Quilter Magazine as a block of the month, but it has now been released as one booklet with all the information necessary to recreate this gorgeous quilt.

Fuchsia and chartreuse come together to brighten up this almost autumnal colour palette.
Jen's scrappy style really sings in a cleverly curated colour story, and her use of brown gives the colour a new lease on life.
We feel a lot in the shop that brown is frowned upon...but we love it! We reckon brown is cool!

We can hear you all now.
"Hand or Machine?"
This pattern is written for machine piecing. There are some templates so not all rotary cut, but it is all machine pieced.

Baker's Dozen has a modern feel to it and we reckon that it is a good one for the blokes - it's straight lines and teal tones give it a masculine…

Delilah - Lucy's Journey - Part 1

A fair while ago, when working through the Delilah patterns I thought "yeah... I might just make this".
After a quick brain storm with the Boss Lady/Mum, I decided why not! But it has to be different, we thought because we have no use for 2 quilts that look very similar. So, what could I do? That's when my eyes landed on my always growing stash of Liberty.
March arrived and so did our stock of templates, and off I went...
My, my, my Delilah.

You have brought me to a few firsts so I think some confessions need to me made.

1. I have never pieced a curve.

Nope...  No sir! Not one.
Curves have always scared me. I could never wrap my head around them but the Boss Lady...

She loves them!

I mean... she really LOVES them!

Or maybe she just loves cruel and unusual punishment like this block?!
Just an idea.

Curves conquered.
But wait, there's more (confessions and curves!)

2.  I don't* own an iron.

Ha. Yup!
I managed to get to a few days shy of 30 years old without…

You have all been asking...

To all the Amitie Addicts,
The last 6 months have been full of questions. The main one being 'where are you moving to?" and we are excited to finally announce.
After much careful thought, discussion and searching for the perfect premise (oh boy! Was there some searching. Both soul searching and on!)… we have finally found it.
Amitie Textiles will be moving to Torquay, Victoria! 
(photo credit:
18 months ago Richard and I relocated to Torquay and to regain a better work life balance, it's time for Amitie to follow. 
This has been one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made but I know deep within, this is the right move for me and my business. 
The new store will be bigger and better than anybody can imagine! Our focus is to create a space different to others - a truly inspiring space, full of warmth and character. A magical place to get lost in, but also a place to find and explore your creative self ! 
We don't have a…

Aurora With Alyce Blyth

Alyce began quilting in 2011 when her husband purchased her a sewing machine after she had been reading all up about quilting for "one day". Little did he know what he had started! When her family moved to Japan in 2012, that's when she truly became a quilter as a way of having something comforting and familiar to focus on through the changes. Once she realised that quilting combined both her love of creating and math, Alyce began designing her own quilt patterns while her blog, Blossom Heart Quilts, provided a place for her teaching background to be used to share tutorials. During her four years in Japan, Alyce found her creative home in the quilting community, fell in love with Hello Kitty, and took Japanese fabric for granted. Now that she's back in Australia, she's excited to finally meet friends in person and get involved in the Melbourne, and wider, quilting community!
(You can find Alyce on instagram @blossomheartquilts) Aurora is a beginner-friendly class and…